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The Marriage Course 

A weekly date night with intention! 

2024 event dates TBA

Please email to be kept in the loop for future dates

The Marriage Course is for any couple who wants to invest in their relationship, whether you have been together 1 or 60 years, and whether you have a strong relationship or are struggling.

The first and the last session starts with a light meal at candlelit tables set for two so you can enjoy this special time together.  The middle five sessions are connected via Zoom so you can enjoy this time in the comfort of your own home.  


There is never any group work and you will never be asked to share anything about your relationship with anyone other than your partner. 

Over seven sessions you will explore:

  • Strengthening Connection

  • The Art of Communication

  • Resolving Conflict

  • The Power of Forgiveness

  • The Impact of Family

  • Good Sex

  • Love in Action

What can you expect?

1. Eat together

Each session begins with couples eating together. This gives guests a chance to unwind and connect before the session’s episode. It also helps to create the atmosphere of a date.

2. Watch episode

The episodes are around 45 minutes in length, with breaks for conversations. Each episode explores a different topic through real experiences, expert insights, and relevant teaching.


3. Talk privately

Providing space for couples to have private, intimate conversations is a must for every course. It helps enable you to engage openly and honestly throughout the session.

Is it only for married couples?

No. Whether married or cohabiting, you are welcome to come!  

When: 7pm Wednesday evenings weekly for 7 sessions

Where: Red Cliffs Church of Christ, 53 Guava St Red Cliffs. 

Cost: $40 per couple for your Guest Journals and meal on the first week, then $20 per couple on the last session for your meal. 

Register below



Register Now for The Marriage Course

Week one is $40 which includes 2 x Guest Journals and your meal for the first week, then $20 on your final week for your meal. 

Eftpos will be available onsite. 

Thanks for registering!

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